Remember that primary care provider (PCP) availability has changed in the last year

and many family physicians may be offering in-person appointments again.

Do not book an appointment: 

  • if your child is less than 3 months old
  • If you or your child may have (or has been in contact with) chicken pox, measles or tuberculosis (please go to the Emergency Department instead)
  • for injuries, for well-baby checks or routine immunizations
  • for long-term conditions (chronic constipation or abdominal pain, behavioural issues)
  • for medication adjustments or refills
  • for mental health concerns (please visit instead)
  • Non-Acute Issues: If your child is experiencing a persistent health concern that is non-urgent and has been present for an extended period, such as several months.
  • Referral Requests: Our physicians are unable to accommodate appointments solely for requesting referrals to see another doctor or specialist.
  • Unlisted Conditions: Please be aware that if your child's condition isn’t listed and you book an appointment, we will not be able to accommodate your visit.

Important Note: Our priority is to address urgent medical needs promptly. Booking appointments for reasons other than those listed as acceptable may result in the inability to provide necessary care for those in immediate need.

Book an appointment with the EOK Care Clinic if: 

  • your child or youth is older than 3 months and
  • has NOT traveled outside of Canada in the past 2 weeks
  • your child or youth's illness is new (we aren't set up to see chronic medical conditions or issues that have already been investigated elsewhere)
  • you cannot access an in-person appointment with a primary care provider (family doctor, nurse practitioner, or pediatrician)

Easily change your appointment online.

If you don't need it, please cancel early, so another child can come in.

If you're looking for same-day 15-minute appointments from Monday to Friday, they become available for online booking starting at 8 AM. For Saturday and Sunday appointments from 9 AM to 1 PM, you can usually book them the night before or about 10 hours in advance.

If you need assistance with rescheduling or cancelling your appointment, please first try online yourself. If you encounter any issues, we do our best to answer the phones during clinic hours.

Thank you for choosing East Ottawa Kids Care. We're here to help your child and others in our community.

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