Remember that primary care provider (PCP) availability has changed in the last year

and many family physicians may be offering in-person appointments again.

Do not book an appointment: 

  • If you or your child may have (or has been in contact with) chicken pox, measles or tuberculosis (please go to the Emergency Department instead)
  • for injuries for well-baby checks or routine immunizations
  • for long-term conditions (chronic constipation or abdominal pain, behavioural issues)
  • for medication adjustments or refills
  • for mental health concerns (please visit instead)

Book an appointment with the EOK Care Clinic if: 

  • your child or youth is older than 2 months and
  • has NOT traveled outside of Canada in the past 2 weeks
  • your child or youth's illness is new (we aren't set up to see chronic medical conditions or issues that have already been investigated elsewhere)
  • you cannot access an in-person appointment with a primary care provider (family doctor, nurse practitioner, or pediatrician)

Need to cancel or looking for last-minute availability?

Give us a call at (613) 566-4470

and let us know if you can arrive quickly!

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